Program Objectives

  • Restore access and habitat of all potential kokanee streams in Lake Sammamish/Washington.
  • Restore Lake Sammamish's water quality and habitat to levels necessary to support a sustainable kokanee population; remove Lake Sammamish and its tributaries' bodies through restoration from Ecology’s 303(d) list (dissolved oxygen, water temperature, turbidity, discharge, and dissolved metals).
  • Expand kokanee restoration efforts to Lake Washington tributaries.
  • Expand Citizen science opportunities.
  • Return Lake Sammamish kokanee to a sustainable and fishable level.

Measurable Results – 5-Year Targets

  • Collaborate with partners to implement 5 priority restoration projects identified in the Blueprint.
  • Address stormwater impacts to Lake Sammamish kokanee by spearheading a stormwater management plan, specifically targeting protection of fish species. This is called the “Kokanee‐Safe” stormwater plan.
  • 50% average increase of adult native kokanee returning to tributaries of Lake Sammamish.
  • Increase in available stream habitat for native kokanee (spawning and rearing) by 3.5 miles.
  • Progress tracked via the Kokanee Dashboard.