Lower Laughing Jacobs Creek Preliminary Design Report
Available for download

Preliminary Design Report_ Lower Laughing Jacobs Creek Restoration–Realignment and Fish Passage Improvements_ Issaquah, Washington
Laughing JacobsCreek_2017

Trout Unlimited is proud to sponsor the Restoration Feasibility Study of Lower laughing Jacobs Creek. This Creek is an important Kokanee Stream and presents a unique opportunity for restoration in an urban setting. This page will serve as a placeholder for the RFP for the project, updates, data, and everything else related to the project.


East Lake Sammamish Basin Plan and nonpoint action plan 1994 - https://your.kingcounty.gov/dnrp/library/1994/kcr910-01.pdf


Ecological Survey of “Late-Run” Kokanee in Lake Sammamish, 2016

Blueprint for the Restoration and Enhancement of Lake Sammamish Kokanee Tributaries (Laughing Jacobs section)


AMEC – Laughing Jacobs Creek, Sammamish State Park Re-Alignment



2005 Lake Sammamish State Park Wetland, Stream and Lakeshore Restoration Plan


2006 City of Issaquah Stream and Riparian Areas Restoration Plan