Lewis Weir

The Bellevue Issaquah Chapter of TU has been trapping outmigrating kokanee fry on tributaries of Lake Sammamish for a decade.  The traps are staffed by volunteers who count and release our precious fish.  Trapping season occurs three days per week from mid-March through May.  If you are interested in participating please contact the chapter (here).

Kokanee Fry Trapping has begun!  Every year TU operates kokanee fry traps on each of the Kokanee Index Streams (Ebright, Laughing Jacobs, and Lewis).  The purpose of trapping kokanee fry as the emigrate to Lake Sammamish is to calculate the production (how many young kokanee were created and survived to immigration to the lake) of the fall kokanee run.  There are only a few spots left, but if you want to help this effort, please check out the schedule and email Dave Kyle at with your contact information and availability.  NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

2019master trapping schedule